Compliant Recording

Ensure recorded interactions are secure and meet regulatory compliance with Encore

dvsAnalytics features a security framework that protects your Encore data and recordings, tracks access and helps you comply with rules and regulations.

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Recordings of customer interactions that include sensitive data, such as credit card information, patient health information and other personally identifiable information need to be managed and protected. Furthermore, government entities are beginning to require that businesses deliver recordings as proof of consumer consent or process adherence. Encore provides the tools you need to protect sensitive consumer data, verify "verbal consent" and respond to requests for proof of process adherence.

Protecting Sensitive Data

Encore's built-in security features give businesses everything they need to ensure compliance with PCI, HIPAA and other regulatory agencies. With every Encore solution, you will receive:

  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) – Secure communications with the servers protect the transmission of the recordings.
  • Access Control – Manage individual and group privileges via user IDs and strong passwords issued by Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Audit Logs – Capture all administrative and user activity within the system, including recordings that have been accessed and modified.
  • Flexible Retention Policies – Create multiple retention programs, so more important recordings, such as sales transactions, can be saved longer than other recordings. This will allow you to have different retention policies for audio recording versus screen recording.

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For the management and protection of sensitive data, Encore provides:

  • Encryption – 256-bit AES encryption is the preferred way to protect sensitive data that needs to remain part of original audio and video recordings. Customers can choose between full or partial file encryption based on their particular business requirements. Partial encryption can be accomplished using Encore's Web API, eCapture Desktop Analytics application or Encore Start/Stop client. To view encrypted recordings, authorized users are required to enter a passcode.
  • Scrubbing – This feature permanently removes recorded information from audio and video files. Encore's Web API, eCapture Desktop Analytics application or Encore Start/Stop client can all be used for scrubbing. Additionally, you can manually scrub an existing recording using the On-demand Scrub feature.
  • ePause – An Encore-exclusive feature, ePause was developed specifically for customers whose systems are browser-based. This innovative approach utilizes a rules-based engine to pause and then resume the recording based upon full or partial URLs. This simplified approach eliminates custom programming and related investments required to integrate desktop application actions and the recording process.

Deliver Proof of Consent and Adherence

Recording interactions has become common practice for businesses and government agencies. As such, new and emerging rules and regulations are requiring the delivery of recordings to prove compliance and/or consent. To make it easy for businesses to respond to these types of requests, dvsAnalytics provides:

  • Dynamic or Static Playlists – The ability to easily create playlists with Encore allows businesses to quickly and completely respond to any request, by providing recordings that meet specific criteria.
  • Telephonic Signature – This Encore-exclusive feature was developed specifically for customers who require separate call recording for "verbal consents" or "attestations" via the phone. Telephonic Signature is an agent-controlled recording that captures only the verbal consent portion of the call. Additionally, up to 8 customizable data fields can be added to the standard recording metadata, and a separate retention policy can be applied to these recordings.


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