Quality Management

dvsAnalytics takes quality management to an unprecedented level

dvsAnalytics' Encore Quality Management applications deliver the insight and tools you need to continuously improve the outcome of each customer interaction, directly impacting your future revenue and growth.

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Quality management (QM) includes the ability to review recorded interactions between the organization and its customers, both internal and external.  The beauty of Encore’s QM is that it incorporates:

  • Analytical tools to easily identify which interactions need to be reviewed
  • Flexible evaluation forms that can be tailored for completion by different stakeholders and business units
  • Complementary applications that trigger activities to improve future interactions with customers
  • Progress reports on improvements and trends

Recordings to Review

Organizations record thousands of customer interactions throughout each day. Encore's ability to automatically categorize recordings into distinct playlists takes the randomness out of deciding which interactions to review, alerting evaluators and managers which recordings need their attention. From basic searches, such as extra-long calls, to unresolved service calls or cancelled orders, Encore's dynamic playlists contain specific recording types so evaluators know where to focus.

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In addition to knowing which recordings need to be reviewed, businesses need flexible evaluation tools. Encore's evaluation builder provides:

  • Evaluations tailored to different departments
  • A scoring system that categorizes skill types
  • Incorporation of the business' KPIs
  • Customer- and agent-facing evaluations
  • Score results linked to coaching assignments

Consistent Scoring

To normalize the scores skewed by inconsistent scoring scales or evaluator interpretation, Encore's integrated evaluator calibration module: 

  • Identifies anomalies with scoring criteria and scales
  • Produces reports to help calibrate and normalize scores
  • Provides more fair and consistent scores across the organization

Score Assimilation

Encore QM also integrates scores from agent self-evaluations or customer surveys with those completed by evaluators or supervisors. Adding these additional experiences and perspectives to the quality management process provides a complete 360° view of the customer interaction.


Encore captures empirical data to produce reports sliced in a variety of ways. Using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Encore is delivered with over 45 preconfigured reports, which can be run on-demand or sent to a user or group on a predetermined schedule.

Encore Workforce Optimization Suite

Our quality management application is provided on an unlimited basis as part of the Encore Workforce Optimization Suite and does not require a license. It leverages the following additional applications within the Suite:

  • Call Recording
  • Screen Recording
  • Post Contact Survey
  • Play Lists
  • Desktop Analytics
  • Speech Analytics
  • eCoaching

Every customer interaction has a direct impact on the success of your organization. A bad customer experience can spread like wildfire, and a great customer experience can attract new clients and opportunities. dvsAnalytics' innovative, effective system will provide you with the resources to ensure your organization achieves continued success


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