Screen Recording

Improve the evaluation process and gain insight into customer interactions by recording desktop activity with Encore Screen Recording

Desktop activity on one or more monitors is recorded in full video during customer interactions.

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These recorded videos typically include voice recordings. However, recording non voice communications such as email and chat is an additional option with Encore.

Acquire a 360° View of Customer Interactions

Have you ever listened to a recording and something just doesn’t seem right, but you can’t put your finger on it?  Invariably, you need to see what is happening on the desktop to get the “rest of the story”.  Evaluating recorded interactions becomes much more effective when you not only listen to a conversation, but also simultaneously watch how agents are navigating applications, searching for answers, and entering data.  One business, for instance, had an evaluator (reviewing a potential, but lost sale) who was unable to understand why an agent couldn’t process a promo code.  The customer became frustrated and terminated the call.  When the evaluator reviewed that same recording while watching a video of the screen, she discovered that the agent was attempting to put the promo code in the zip code field.  Numerous examples can be found in every organization that point to the necessity of screen recording for quality management and performance improvement.

Optimize Workflow

Watching how an agent navigates a screen, completes a task or switches between applications can also provide feedback to the business on opportunities for additional training, process improvement and application optimization. Selecting and sharing recordings that represent the proper way to enter an order, open a ticket, or navigate an application provides visual examples for new and lower performing agents to emulate. Reviewing exceptionally long recordings may identify key areas for process improvement. And desktop recordings that demonstrate areas where agents are struggling with applications provide excellent feedback to the business' IT or application engineers.
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Flexible Retention Options

Some organizations choose not to record screens because of increased storage requirements. With Encore's automated archive and retention options, this is no longer an issue. Different rules can apply to audio and screen recordings. For instance, audio recordings can be set up to be automatically archived after a year and purged after 7 years, while screen recordings may be set up to be retained for only 3 months or a reasonable amount of time for them to be available for evaluators.

Because desktop recording has become a necessary component in the quality management process, dvsAnalytics includes it with every system. And with Encore's unique option to record screens without a voice conversation, quality management with Encore can be extended to non-voice interactions such as email and chat. Encore Screen recording completes the 360° view of customer interactions and delivers the ability to improve performance and optimize work flow.


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