Encore Web API

Better leverage data hidden in recordings and ensure sensitive data is kept secure with Encore API

dvsAnalytics’ Encore Web API provides businesses with the ability to secure sensitive data, categorize recordings for expanded search and retrieval and broaden access to recordings from other applications.

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Encore Web Services Application Programing Interface (API) is available to any business using Encore and allows organizations to:

  • Expand search and retrieval of recordings by capturing customer-specific data from employees' desktops and writing it to fields in the recording record.
  • Categorize recordings by writing call classifications to fields in the recording record.
  • Protect sensitive data such as credit cards or personal health information by sending commands to start, stop, encrypt and scrub out certain sections of recordings.
  • Start and stop recordings from outbound dialer applications and write dialer metadata to the recordings for search and retrieval.
  • Control recordings from communication platform applications with no CTI link.
  • Insert a link for an associated recording into other applications such as an ACD report or electronic medical record.

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  • Interoperability – Encore Web Services are virtually platform-independent.
  • Flexibility – Encore Web Services let developers use their preferred programming languages.
  • Deploy-ability – Encore Web Services are deployed over standard Internet technologies.

Utilize Encore's Web API to better leverage data hidden in recordings, protect sensitive data such as credit cards and protected health information and access recordings from other applications such as ACD's and customer database records.


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