Implementation Services

Implementation Services for Encore

We believe that successful implementations are the result of open communication and the understanding that every customer has a unique set of needs and requirements. When this belief is combined with our technical knowledge and expertise, implementations are completed on time, on budget and exceed customers’ expectations.

Implementation Services Process

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Backed by a 30-year history of successful implementations, dvsAnalytics follows a proven methodology designed to provide customers with systems that satisfy their requirements and meet or exceed expectations. dvsAnalytics' implementation process includes:

  • Project Kick-off

    dvsAnalytics and its reseller partner and/or customer identify project managers to coordinate a kick-off meeting or call with all appropriate stakeholders. Stakeholders must include individuals responsible for implementation. This initial meeting consists of reviewing the requirements, determining implementation priorities and discussing actions required prior to and during implementation. During this meeting, all parties jointly determine the best timing for going live with Encore.

  • Project Management

    The dvsAnalytics Project Manager prepares an implementation plan including agreed-upon dates, responsibilities and tasks. The detailed implementation plan includes a solution overview, integration requirements, configuration settings, login accounts, network drawings and specific training plans/procedures, etc. Weekly status calls take place to help ensure the project stays on track and is completed on time and within budget.

  • Installation

    dvsAnalytics either ships the Encore server and software to the customer, or installs the Encore software on the customer-supplied server or virtual instance, and then establishes connectivity with the customer's communication (phone) platform. When this is complete, the Encore system starts recording calls for the configured extensions based upon the rules identified in the project plan. dvsAnalytics' implementation team then conducts a variety of tests to verify the system is properly configured and capturing all recordings. This process is repeated for additional sites.

  • Training

    Following the successful installation, dvsAnalytics conducts training classes for both system administrators and business users. These classes may be conducted on-site, via the web or a combination of both.

  • Post-implementation

    Upon completion of the installation, dvsAnalytics provides the customer with documentation detailing how the system was installed, configured and deployed across the organization.

  • Ongoing Support

    Customers are given access to dvsAnalytics' Technical Support 24x7x365, unlimited training via regularly scheduled monthly web classes, customer-specific training upon request and software upgrades (typically two per year).


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