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Effective training is essential to the success of any contact center technology investment. dvsAnalytics helps organizations achieve their business goals through our Educational Services program. Our web-based training courses are designed to help your organization develop its workforce and improve productivity.

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Encore Essential Training (1.5 Hours)

Request a dvsAnalytics Encore DemonstrationThis class will familiarize users with everyday Encore navigation and tasks, providing the understanding necessary to begin using Encore immediately. Encore Essential training includes:

  • Audio and Video Interactions
    • Locate and review recordings
    • See related calls, and other important call information
    • Use database filters to find that "one call"
    • Create dynamic playlists to organize recordings by importance
    • Edit records so your agents and others can see your comments
  • Agent Evaluations
    • Evaluate a recorded interaction
    • Use sampling tools to effectively evaluate a segment
    • Locate, review, and change existing evaluations
    • Export, print evaluations
  • Reports
    • Overview of Encore report templates
    • Executing and saving a report with personalized labels and filters
    • Scheduling reports to execute automatically
  • Live Monitor
    • Using the agent, team, and favorites tabs to visualize live interactions
    • Listening to live audio, tagging and annotating the recording
    • Setting access filters
  • Other
    • Viewing the Encore dashboard
    • How to access eCoaching assignments (sent/received/completed)
    • How to access online help

Encore Advanced Training (2 Hours)

Completing this class will empower users to further leverage Encore by learning how to build evaluations, create and manage eCoaching assignments, customize real-time dashboards and automate contests and rewards. Encore Essentials training is a prerequisite. Encore Advanced training includes:

  • Evaluation Builder
    • Viewing the Encore dashboard
    • Creating a library of questions for forms, quizzes, and surveys
    • Building and publishing evaluation forms
    • Creating survey forms to collect customer input
  • eCoaching
    • Creating and automating eCoaching modules
    • Associating coaching assignments with eLearning
    • Creating quiz forms to pair with eCoaching assignments
  • Advanced Quality Management
    • Evaluator calibrations
    • Post-contact surveys
  • Encore Dashboards and Gamification
    • Building “widgets” from reports
    • System widgets
    • Creating a dashboard on the home page
    • Sharing a dashboard with other users
    • Contests and contest widgets
  • Rewards
    • Offer tangible rewards to contest winners
    • Modifying reward points for specific user(s)
    • Reward points transactions report

Encore Administrator Training (1 Hour)

This class is designed for the IT administrator who will create and maintain the user accounts and group rights for the employees who use Encore. Encore Administrator training includes:

  • Groups
    • Configure viewable fields and search criteria buttons
    • Set security filters and permissions
  • Rewards
    • Manage rewards for contests
  • Teams and Users
    • Create and manage agent teams
    • Set individual security filters and permissions
    • Assign groups, teams, and group administrators

Reseller Certification Training

dvsAnalytics’ Reseller Certification Program offers a compelling and profitable opportunity that enables our resellers to stand out against the competition and increase their bottom line. The Reseller Certification course teaches resellers how to build, install, administer, train and support the entire Encore Enterprise Suite, including voice and screen recording, quality management, reporting and analytics. Upon completion, resellers are certified on the Encore Enterprise Suite. This certification program is divided into five segments:

  • Encore System Overview
    • System components
    • Various system configurations
  • Encore System Build
    • Hardware requirements
    • Hands-on build from the build documentation
  • Encore System Installation
    • Facilities requirements
    • Resource requirements
    • Equipment installation
    • Software configuration
  • Train the Trainer
    • Encore web interface training
    • Recorded contacts, coaching, evaluations and analytics
    • Administration training
    • Users and groups
    • System settings
  • Level 1 Support
    • What is included?
    • Escalation procedures
    • Troubleshooting
    • FAQs


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