Contact Center

For over 30 years, dvsAnalytics has been serving contact centers of all sizes, from fewer than 25 seats to thousands of seats

Our solutions make it possible for contact centers to improve customer service quality, increase efficiency, maintain compliance with regulations such as PCI-DSS and HIPAA, resolve disputes and verify customer orders. The many organizations we serve include some of the world's premier brands, such as AT&T, Time Warner, Sprint, Wyndham, Hilton, Delta Airlines, Sotheby's, Los Angeles Times and many more.

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Operable in VoIP, TDM and hybrid environments, dvsAnalytics' Encore software features the industry's deepest and smoothest PBX integrations with Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, NEC, ShoreTel and other leading communications platforms. These integrations ensure trouble-free installations in your environment.

With the addition of our innovative analytics features, intuitive recording libraries and customizable dynamic search playlists, our all-in-one call and screen recording, quality management and automated coaching solution also empowers your contact center with actionable sales, marketing and operational intelligence that you can use to improve your business.

Data Intelligence

Encore can extract intelligence from the desktop applications your agents navigate through, enabling you to easily access all recordings, including those in which a new order was processed, subscriptions were cancelled or a certain promotional code was referenced. With the power to access business intelligence about your customers, your customer service operations and sales and marketing campaigns will drastically improve.

360° Quality Management

Most call recording systems rely on agent evaluations to assess agent performance. dvsAnalytics takes quality management to an entirely new level with its comprehensive performance analysis capabilities, including:Click to Email dvsAnalytics

Automated coaching – Training modules are automatically sent to underperforming agents based on predetermined performance thresholds, without any supervisor or evaluator

Auto-emailed customer surveys – Satisfaction surveys are automatically sent to customers post-call, and feedback collected is automatically linked with the call recording. This brings a new element – the customer voice – to performance evaluation.

Live monitoring with voice annotation – Supervisors and evaluators can listen in on customer calls as they are happening, and even pause and insert voice annotations in real time to help agents enhance their skills.

Dashboards – Inform your business' decisions and communicate with your contact center teams with ease. With one place to see graphically displayed key metrics, it's easy to gain insight into business intelligence and to share performance statuses and trends with agents.

Gamification – Drive your department's improvement with automated performance-based contests that motivate, recognize, and reward agents, all within Encore.


Leverage Encore to protect data, gain business intelligence and enhance your organization's quality management